How I became addicted to Salsa

I am Dancer-choregrapher in all disciplines of ballroom dancing. My dance story Starts with rock'nd roll or east coast swing paris style in 1992, finishing in 1995 as a confirmed dancer in the rock-jazzy with the creation of a lot of original and complex choregraphies.

Between 1996-1998 I had intensive practice of all the dances (Waltz / Tango / Rumba / Argentino Tango / Rock' nd Roll / Paso-doble / cha-cha..... My interest for Salsa starts in July 1998, listening unceasingly Radio Latina and practising in Solo all the possible Open Shines that I have collected here or there, Salsa became my second religion and I proceeded to encode Salsa dance in order to ensure its transmission to the future generation of dancers. I dance all styles (Cubans / portorican / colombian ). I have about 80 open shines that a part of them  was composed by me. I like all Salsas : Almost Salsa music is wonderful.

The most important for me is to dance on music and to tell a new story, to play like in life theatre on every salsa song. I give especially private salsa and swing lessons for couples with good motivation and  a good sense of Salsa rhythm. I go out 5 to 6 times a week for dancing and some nights I visit 2 or 3 clubs : Am I a Salsaholic ?

In Latin dance, I prepare and assemble shows and complex choregraphies.