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Salsalovers Paris site, is created in order to express my passion for the dance like a body language. This site is directed particularly towards the area of Paris and dedicated for Salsa dance. You will find a menu which gives access to information: events, instructors, clubs and links towards other sites. The site is certainly not complete but I hope readers reactions to develop it gradually. 

As you will see, Salsa is alive and growing in Paris. There are more and more clubs playing Salsa, the Salsa public is growing wider, and famous artists like Oscar d'Leon, India and Victor Manuelle have recently performed here, attracting crowds of Salseros and Salseras. We even have a radio station playing some Salsa (Latina, 99.0 FM).
First of all, Paris is heavily influenced by its Colombian community, who as you might know, have their own version of Salsa dancing. Also, we have very few decent Salsa  instructors, and dance classes in general are rather expensive in this country.

As far as the clubs are concerned, you will find either very small places (this is an old town, with narrow streets and tiny buildings), which tend to get packed very quickly, or bigger, well-established clubs which play Salsa one night per week, and line up their admission with "classic" clubs, which makes them quite expensive. Also, as a general rule, proper air-conditioning seems to be some remote luxury facility reserved to the rich and powerful, and definitely not to us, miserable Salsa dancers.

Last but not least, you will very soon find out that the new wave of Cuban Salsa, also called Timba, is quite popular here. If you like los Van Van, El Medico de la Salsa, la Charanga Habanera, etc..., you will definitely feel at home.

Actually, I give group and private Salsa lessons in Paris
Anyway, I hope these pages will help you having fun dancing Salsa in Paris. I will be here to respond to all your questions concerning Salsa in Paris and in France in general.
YOU can also, visit my master website Salsalovers Paris in french language.