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Learn to Salsa with this best seller translated from french with exclusive cuban patterns from france

- DVD Cuban Salsa
- Intermediate level
- Volume 1
- Length 42 min
- Code : CUB201
- Availbale on both format DVD PAL / NTSC
- Price : 17 € + 2 euros for Shipment
This Videos salsa lesson dvd video is intended for the intermediate and even advanced dancers to improve and enrich their repertory by Cuban Salsa patterns. Those salsa patterns are  used in Rueda de casino or in couple dancing.....
- In this volume, El Maestro proposes fifteen patterns with six exclusive hot sexy salsa patterns are newly created by himself. You can use them to be unique on the dancefloor or in the salsa club, or in Rueda de Casino dancing. In addition, an explanation and a slow motion accompany each pattern. Prepare yourself to learn hot salsa and repeat these unique patterns. They are natural and easy to put into practice training in the dance night clubs...

Salsa Patterns :

01- Enchuflas y Fintas
02- Ochenta Cuatro
03- La Canicula
04- Balsero por debajo
05- Ochenta por debajo
06- Caliente
07- Los Hombros
08- La Chica Cubana
09- Papacho
10- La Presa
11- Copelia con Mariposa
12- Setenta Complicada
13- Manolito
14- Servicio Natural
15- Setenta con Swing

Some Feedback and more on the master french site

Hi Michel,
Thank you very much for the videos.We like all the patterns.Now,I mean from february we will show them on our courses.
And if it possible we would like to see more....maybe you could send us list of names all the patterns you can show us and we will choose only those,we don't know.And then maybe you could record them for us.We can do the same for you or if you want we can just pay for it.What do you think about it?
I hope we will be in touch...and maybe we will dance together one day.... So we consider a journey to Paris...
Klaudia and Maciek (Poland)